Cost-Effective Remote Operated Vehicle


Remote operated vehicles (ROVs) are robotic submersibles controlled typically by a person at the surface of a water body. ROVs can be applied to surveillance, environmental, and data recording jobs or tasks. The vehicle design may be modified to remove or add additional capabilities depending upon the specific purpose of the ROV. In this paper, we explore using remote operated vehicles as a cheap and affordable water exploration platform. ROV’s high cost is a prohibitive barrier to entry, preventing widespread adoption of ROV for personal, research, and conservation uses. To address this problem, our paper explores a cost effective ROV with video capturing and directional control capabilities. Using state-of-the-art robotic technologies, a cost-effective competitive ROV is designed and constructed. This ROV was tested to a depth of 7 meters and has the potential to reach depths of up to 30 meters per its design.
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